The construction and the management of smart buildings fulfilling the requirements of today dynamic market, strengthens the need to organize and monitor the life of the buildings through specific software. 




MosaicoGroup PRIME platform for smart structures proposes an integrated vision to all aspects including quality, efficiency, security and low cost of management. PRIME keeps as key attributes in its integration comfort and sustainability. 



PRIME is a modern software architecture, conceived for the advanced management of different technological systems, such as Production Buildings, Executive Headquarters, Commercial Structures, Hotels and other Accommodation Structures, Public Buildings, Health Facilities, etc.




PRIME is able to manage all the technological installations present in any structure:


- Electrical system for lights;

- Centralized emergency lighting system and night lights;

- Electrical system for the management of skylights;

- Energy Metering;

- Mechanic Plant for the temperatures control and comfort;

- Production units for heat-carrying fluids;

- Facilities for the power production including Renewables Energies;

- Smoke scrubbing plants;

- Pump Unit of Fire-Fighting System;

- Engine Generator Responder;

- Uninterruptible Power Supply Responder;

- Fire Protection System;

- Access Control System;

- Voice-Alarm System;

- Refrigeration Plant for the manufacturing and the preservation of products;

- Manufacturing Machinery with PLC (Programmable Logical Control);

- Compliance Pharmaceutical Certification GAMP and HACCP system regulation.



PRIME is a supervisor that dialogues with all electronic devices that use standard communication protocols as:


- Modbus RTU;

- Modbus TCP/IP;

- Modbus over IP;

- Lonworks;

- KNX/Konnex;

- Bacnet;


or third parties protocols as:


- Can-Danfoss;

- Aritech;

- Crestron;

- Carelbus.


And other third parties protocols, when it is needed.



PRIME is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) control system.

The overall control capacity is distributed throughout the system in such a way to keep a local control on each of the sensitive application, and the extensive use of PLCs and/or parametric controllers allows the user to not care about any centralized issue, that may determine the ability of the system to communicate but never compromising the system operation ability for any part of it.

PRIME is a SCADA supervisor with its own hardware thus a complete hardware-software solution.

The hardware specifications are subject to change upon technological evolution:

- INTEL® processor;
- Mainboard INTEL® with a minimum nr.1 slot PCI to insert FIELDBUS Card
- 4 GB expandable RAM;
- 500 GB SSD or HD 2000 GB in RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) solution;
- Ethernet port 10/100/1000;
- 2 RS485 ports;
- 4 RS232 control ports;
- O.S. Windows® Standard 7 Embedded, EWF-protected, configured only for the SCADA operating mode;
- Unlimited Run-time TAG licence;
- Management of standard protocols “Industrial Automation” and “Building Automation” such as Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP/IP, Profibus, Canbus, Lowwork, KNX and similar;
- Direct dialogue with anti-intrusion and fire protection systems of industry leading manufacturers;
- Integration of proprietary protocols of third parties;
- Software architecture based on WEB-Server that allows for total customization of the graphic interface, using the standards HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, compatible with all major internet browsers on the market for O.S. Windows, Mac OS X, Android.
- Accessible from any device: PC system, Tablet or Smartphone without using third parties components (for example Flash o Silverlight) or specific applications;
- Implementation of Templates for field devices described with XML standard;
- Unlimited set up of users with definition of at least 11 operating categories;
- Unlimited Data logger with recording capacity of minimum 1 sec., daily clustering of data, cryptographic system and checksum consistency of information complying with HACCP and GAMP requirements;
- Data Archive elaboration with capacity of comparison of different physical quantities, generation of table reports and graphic format using standard HTML5 without the help of components of third parties, that can be displayed on all devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone;
- Generation of diagrams with separated areas in analogic or digital physical quantities but time-synchronized;
- Scheduler with possibility to create unlimited time-related macros or events to modify the parameters and to send commands to any monitored field device. The scheduler produces macro of periodical reports on the system activity.
- Script system to create operation modes logics to exploit all available resources on connected devices;
- Management System “Alert Events” with 2 separate categories: alerts and alarms. For each category up to 255 levels of priority are foreseen. For each alert, the system will record the data and hour in which it began, the specific identification of the alert, the first user notified of the event and the data and hour in which the alert is closed.
- System’s notifications “Alert Events” by email with the possibility to set up at least one address for each user. Distribution of competences for every user based on the levels of priority of the events. In the message the creation and the modification of every event is highlighted; furthermore, the message will include all active events and at least the last 15 archived events.
- System analysis of the performances of data networks with generation of notification if signal quality reaches set critical thresholds.
- Periodic Preventive Maintenance functions are available to maintenance subcontractors, to improve the overall system maintenance costs and the system reliability.
- “Call-Centre” feature: the possibility to connect the system to a service centre for continuous monitoring, automatic backup of archives and all pre-sets of the system on remote servers, automatic backup of settings on the monitored field devices. Management of the Assistance Ticket and document-management function to archive sheets and technical handbooks.

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