In 2014 UNESCO put forward an exciting proposal to renovate the Executive Board Room and its Delegates’ Lounge, located within the Headquarters buildings. This proposal was presented to, and agreed upon by, the Organization’s Headquarters Committee in April 2014.



The Headquarters Building, situated opposite to France’s historical Military Academy, and which looks upon the Eiffel Tower, the Palais de Chaillot and the Esplanade des Doits de l’Homme, was inaugurated in November 1958.


Renowned the world over for its architectural ingenuity and use of advanced building technology at the time, the structure was born from the genius of several internationally-recognized architects and engineers.



Notably, the meeting room of the Executive Board, where the delegates sit in a circle, symbolizes the equal dignity of all the Members of the Board, while the ceiling design represents the convergence of minds in a single keystone. The ceiling consists of 20 radial prefabricated beams. The wooden cladding of walls and ceilings offer high quality both architecturally and acoustically.




This room has not been substantively renovated since the building was opened.

As UNESCO will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015, it was deemed timely to renovate this room, bringing it into the 21st century, while maintaining its historical character and special symbolism.


All the technological and electrical equipments have been modernized allowing the
adoption of new meeting room technologies available today: integrated multimedia
solutions and electrical equipment, as well as integrated audio video control solution,
conference system, simultaneous interpretation and electronic voting, lighting
management, networking. All conference system has been integrated on chairs.

MosaicoGroup installed and configured a Line Array audio sound system with audio transmission over Dante network. For the best aesthetic success, the enclosures and fixing pieces were painted with the same wall’s colour of MosaicoGroup during the design stage provided an acoustical sound pressure simulation of the Hall to evaluate the coverage of the proposed enclosures.


MosaicoGroup has worked with Unesco systems managers for control room’s best solutions to ensure to Unesco’s technicians the smartest and easiest way of work. Obviously we supplied also the possibility to handle the system manually trough audio and video mixers.


The conference system installed allows the interpretation of the speaker's voice in 6 languages. The system also allows the redistribution and registration of the conference (with all languages) to other rooms in the Headquarters. All seated persons have a channel selector for listening, integrated in the chair or on the table.


The room required renovation of the lamps to increase the luminosity and reliability of the fixtures. MosaicoGroup and the architect in charge of the project viewed and selected LEDs to improve the result without affecting the style of the room.
Six cameras allow video capture of the speaker talking with the conference system thanks to the control system installed and programmed by MosaicoGroup.
In the center of the Hall new screens have been installed to reinforce the visualization of documents elaborated in the Room (in French and in English). To allow viewing of the speaker (picked up by the cameras) for all seated people four screens are attached to the corners.
The conference system was wired and installed by MosaicoGroup, who also worked with our partner from Contract Design Network AresLine to integrate the listening elements and microphones into the armrests of the fixed chairs.
Ambassadors sitting at the tables can view the information on the agenda, the data of the person who is speaking, ask for speech (or cut off certain posts) from the touch screen.


The tables are provided with sockets and conference elements. Our partner from Contract Design Network Decima has designed the tables for integration with the planned technological systems performed by MosaicoGroup.


The system for power and signal wiring was also provided and installed by MosaicoGroup, which worked with Mason, a member company of Contract Design Network, to install all piping in the new raised accessible floor.


The study of the project with AresLine, our partner from Contract Design Network, made it possible to install the conference elements for listening and microphones in the armrests. All sitting people can listen to the languages of the interpretation and most of them also ask to speak during the debates.


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