Showroom Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa


Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA is an Italian multinational company based in Buttrio (Udine) and is world leader in the production of steel plants, with particular detachment in the long products sector. 



Among the various infrastructures that Danieli Automation Spa features, the company realizes control rooms. MosaicoGroup intervention at the headquarters of Buttrio (Udine), consists in the simulation of one of these Control rooms, which simulates throughout all production processes.



MosaicoGroup's custom made solution emulates that normally happens trough a glass in the wall, within a big videowall that emulates all plants processings.



Inside the Control room there are several intended to create effect and aid the promotion in the showroom: a transparent projected glass with touch features and a video wall installed from top to bottom of the wall helps explain the various features of the Control room to the customers.



To ensure the best view of the showroom, our solution integrates also the lighting management into the control system, as well as access control for authorized operators, who, through badge, could activate and turn on the system automatically.



Throuh the central videowall it is possible to simulate what the operator sees from his position through the front whom from his position manage and verify all the processes.



The space is managed as a real Control room, and the commands on the management computers are displayed as images inherent to that function on the monitors, video walls and projection.  



Sony projection with laser technology, Philips videowall, distribution and signal management devices with Extron and overall control by Crestron, giving reliability and functionality to the Control room. There is also the possibility to expand the Control room in the future, thus responding to the growing customer's needs.


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