In 2012, the new Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo was opened, designed by the Aymeric Zublena Studio in Paris, together with some Italian designers and architects. This medical building is a modem structure, made up of seven towers of five floors, each one connected to a central platform. 



In 2015 MosaicoGroup completed the conference room with 500 seating places, which would also be used for shows, lectures, events and among the project presentations.



The aim was making the space as versatile as possible and open to any future developments, whether that be future changes to the area itself or tor technological aspects. In particular, there were plans to "lighten" the installation by inserting digital equipment and equipment over networks, in order to decrease both the number of cables and devices, as well as the impact on the very streamline architecture of the room. 



Thus it was necessary to make the management easier, and able to be operated (at least the basic functions) by non-specialised members of staff, and to reduce routine maintenance of the equipment, with a focus on reliability. MosaicoGroup was involved in all the technological equipment present, from the video projectors to the management, but particular care and attention was taken when dealing with the audio. MosaicoGroup proposed a simple and  effective system, capable of being used for both live events and concerts, as well as having the necessary intelligibility for comfortable listening levels far conferences and lectures.



By using the Bose Modeler®'s forecasting software a uniform sound diffusion in the space was created, with an average of 97-98 dB throughout the listening area, within the speaking range, and 106-107 dB as the maximum full-range pressure. This is without forgetting excellent intelligibility, assessed with the T60 parameter, even in an empty hall. A careful study also examined the materials in the hall, including metal and glass furnishings, and a good acoustic treatment was carried out, with Topakustik panels. 



The chosen speakers were RoomMatch® from Bose, with Progressive Directivity Array technology, but with a line array philosophy unique to them. The series is made up of 42 full range models, each of which provides a specific diffusion pattern. In this way, the designer can choose the individual speaker which is best suited to the environment and situation, in order to create a truly tailor-made system. 



Furthermore, the sound, requiring very little digital treatment since it is already correctly orientate, is more natural and pleasing to listen to. In the case of the Auditorium at the Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, two lateral arrays were mounted, composed, respectively, of tree different modules. 



lt is a system which has been deemed fully satisfactory by the whole committee (and by the demanding designers), and one which has many practical advantages, in addition to those already described relating to the quality of sound diffusion: minimal obstruction in the hall (the speakers are suspended), highly efficient and reliable system, lending itself to greater practicality. The audio system, where the movement of uncompressed signals occurs over the Ethernet network, with Dante protocol, is completed by a Yamaha mixer and Shure microphones in the hall. 


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